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Cass Plater


Our Namesake

Cass Plater became an Certified Staging Professional in 2015. After working for Tah-Da! Staging Inc for three years, she founded Bee Staged LLC with the goal of helping homeowners redesign their homes and living spaces. She earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Temple University in Philadelphia and a Masters from the University of Rhode Island.


During her masters, she found a passion for redesigning homes when she renovated an 1865 Victorian house, and for the past 30 years, Cass has successfully bought, renovated, and sold seven family homes in addition to building a portfolio of ten rental properties across North Carolina and Virginia.


Cass has a keen eye for spatial composition and color mixing to help bring out the best features in a living space. When she’s not staging you can often find Cass refurbishing a piece of furniture or painting a room for a friend with an audible book playing in the background.


Cass has lived in Virginia with her husband, Michael, for nearly a decade. When they first looked at the region they were captivated by the rolling hills and beautiful land. As empty nesters, together they took the plunge and bought a small farm in Loudoun County. The farm, “Plater Creek” morphed into a meeting ground where they now host several family gatherings throughout the year including the annual honey harvest.


Since moving to Virginia, Michael has become an avid beekeeper and looks after seven hives on the property. At the honey harvest each year jars are filled to the brim with golden delight and are used as gifts for family, friends, and neighbors in the coming year. They were even used as wedding favors for Cass’ daughter’s memorial day wedding which took place at the farm.


Each year the honey taste different, reflective of the ever changing surrounding area; sometimes it’s fruity while other seasons it’s more earthy. It’s always representative of new life and exciting change. At Plater Creek honey bees have become symbols of hearth, home, and rejuvenation. It was only fitting that they become the emblem of and namesake for Bee Staged LLC.

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