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If you mean to sell

Regardless of location, budget or any other variable, a prospective buyer walking into a space is always looking for that elusive, almost indefinable extra something– a feeling or emotional element that grabs them and holds them until they can’t imagine calling anywhere else home. Once you make a buyer feel at home the rest is easy.

We specialize in making buyers feel immediately home so that your property will sell fast. We provide professional staging for real estate agents and homeowners to inspire record-high sale prices and quick closes. Let us help make your home beautiful so that you can move on to your next great adventure.

If you mean to stay



Do you ever wish you could have a little help with all the smaller decisions around your home? Where should the focal point be in your living room? Where should you hang your collection of artwork, and exactly how high should a painting be hung? Which shade of blue would be the most soothing for your master bath, or how dark should you stain your wood floors? We’re here to help. Whether you just moved into a new place or have been there for a decade and are craving a face lift we’ll streamline the plethora of options for you and take on some of the tasks ourselves. Living in a space that combines comfort, beauty, and function is attainable, and a color shift, reorganization of furniture, or new light fixture could make all the difference.

Staging Consultation

Recommendations and suggestions for:



Paint colors

Kitchen & Bath Updates

Furniture & Accessory Placement

De-personalizing & Decluttering

Curb appeal

Photo Styling

Staging adjustments for picture perfect rooms

Staging Operations

Furniture Arrangement


Picture Hanging

Online & In-Store Shopping


Final walk-through & adjustments before photos, listings, and/or showings

Stage for Living

A Compromise Between DIY & Hiring an Interior Designer!

Color Consultation

Paint, Flooring, & Lighting Selections

Kitchen & Bath Updates

Furniture Arrangement


Wall decor Hanging

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